Protector of liver and biliary function.

For dogs.

Box of the hepotsan tablets

Technical characteristics

Hepatosan® is a protective agent for the liver and helps to restore the balance of the intestinal microbiota of dogs. Its exclusive formula that combines soluble silymarin, glycyrrhizinic acid, methionine, zinc and selenium chelates, offers a powerful protective and regenerative action on the liver parenchyma. Hepatosan® prevents the peroxidation of the lipids of the cell membrane and of the organelles of the hepatocytes, protecting the integrity and liver function of both endogenous and exogenous toxic substances.



Containers of 40 palatable tablets.


Extracto de cardo mariano MZ 80*, L-metionina, extracto de regaliz, metionato de zinc, L-seleniometionina.

*80% silimarina soluble de alta biodisponibilidad

100Kcal/100g, 1 Kcal/comprimido

Administration and dosage

Hepatosan® is administered orally.

As they are highly palatable tablets, there is no problem with their administration.


Recommended dose

  • 1 tablet every 10Kg

Technical data sheet