Malasil Spray


Dermal spray for dogs and cats, specially developed to treat seborrheic dermatitis and its complications.

For dogs and cats

Envase spray MalaSIL PLATA

Technical characteristics

MalaSIL Plata® spry lotion is the supplement of choice to combat conditions caused by Malassezia sp., a yeast that is normally found on the skin of animals and causes seborrheic dermatitis; it also helps with secondary infections from other microorganisms that affect the skin and hair. The action of micronized silver, as one of its main components, prevents the formation of biofilm and the adhesion of bacteria, fungi and yeasts. In addition, it contains essential oils of recognized dermatological activity that, together with Ichthyol and pidocanol, reduce the most annoying symptoms such as itching, redness and flaking of the skin and hair loss.



100 ml containers.

How to use

From a distance of approximately 20 cm, spray the affected area with the spray nozzle. You must do it 2 times a day.


Micronized silver, sodium shale oil sulfonate (Ichthyol), essential oils of Nepeta cataria and Melaleuca quinquenervia, enoxolone, pidocanol.

Technical data sheet