Nutriderm® Spray

Spray lotion for dogs and cats. Treatment of sensitive and irritated skin.

For dogs and cats.

Spray Nutriderm for pets

Technical characteristics

Nutriderm® spray contains a combination of refined Ribes nigrum (Black Currant) oils, with compounds of recognized desensitizing activity (Palmethoylethanolamide-PEA, glycyrrhetinic acid and ichthyol) and deodorizing.

Thanks to its high content of omega-6 fatty acids (main component of the lipid layer) it favors the integrity of the skin's protective layer and helps keep it hydrated. PEA, glycyrrhetinic acid (extracted from licorice) and ichthyol confer desensitizing and emollient properties.



100 ml containers.


Nutriderm Spray is indicated as the sole or complementary treatment (depending on the severity) of any localized allergic or inflammatory skin process, whether or not it has pruritus or itching. A good option for the treatment of allergies and localized itching of dogs and cats.

How to use

From a distance of approximately 20 cm spray the area to be treated twice a day.


Ribes nigrum seed oil (Cassis or black currant oil), Palmetoylethanolamide-PEA, Glycyhrretinic acid, Polidocanol, Ichthyol.

Technical data sheet