Dissuade Concentrated


Educational repellent for dogs and cats. Intended for large surfaces (terraces, sidewalks, fences, etc.)

Dissuade concentrated big bottle

Technical characteristics

Dissuade® concentrate will keep dogs and cats away from the places they frequent: patios, terraces, sidewalks, fences, etc. Noticing the presence of concentrated Dissuade®, dogs and cats know that this is not their place. It is not perceived by people, but by animals.

A hard application, 24/48 hours.



300 ml container.

Indications of use

  1. Shake before using.
  2. Using the dispenser, mix 20 ml of Dissuade® concentrate in 1 liter of water.
  3. Spread with a mop, watering can or spray on places and surfaces that pets should not approach.
  4. Distribute the application until the animal's own habit is changed or unwanted visitors are deterred.

In upholstery, first check the product in a small, invisible place to ensure that it does not alter the fabric.


Cinnamal 3%, Methyl Nonyl Ketone 1.5%, surfactants, water.

Technical data sheet