Dissuade Gel


Educational repellent for dogs and cats. Intended for large areas (yards, terraces, sidewalks, fences, etc.)

Dissuade® Gel

Technical characteristics

Dissuade® Gel is a granular gel that protects gardens and plants from dogs, cats and other animals. A single application acts for 72 hours and does not lose effectiveness due to rain or humidity.



500ml container

Indications of use

Spread Dissuade® Gel crystals on the plants you want to protect.

In isolated places, a single application is enough.

In busier places, several applications may be necessary with intervals of two to three days.

In a period of 2 to 3 weeks the unwanted habit of dogs, cats and other animals will have changed.


Methul Nonyl, Ketone 1.5%, Cinnamal 1.5%, surfactants, Water.

Technical data sheet