Commitment to total quality

We strive to maximize the efficiency of our processes, always seeking improvement and efficiency in achieving our goals

At König Lab, our priority is to offer total quality in all our products and services. We are committed to maintaining a management system focused on excellence and communicating this policy to all stakeholders.

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Our total quality policy is based on a solid foundation of principles and values that guide us in each of our actions.

We firmly commit to establishing and achieving a set of strategic and operational objectives to ensure maximum quality in everything we do:

  • Maximum transparency with stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees, etc.)
  • Compliance with customer requirements (specifications, deadlines, prices, etc.)
  • Compliance with applicable legal requirements (laws, regulations, ordinances, directives, etc.)
  • Commitment to continuous improvement (today we must strive to be better than yesterday) Constantly ensuring the viability of the company



Our goals


By rigorously and consistently implementing our total quality policy, we aim to effectively and efficiently achieve our valuable objectives, which are at the core of our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

  • Satisfied customers
  • Sustained productivity levels
  • Maximizing process efficiency and exceeding initial expectations
  • Improving efficiency in achieving our objectives
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Our goal is to exceed expectations by offering our customers products and services that fully satisfy them

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